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More Than A Job…

A Calling

I never planned on becoming a massage therapist, let alone a coach. This work found me. Growing up, I wanted to save the coral reefs by becoming a marine biologist. But after the tragic loss of my two best friends in a scuba diving accident that I was supposed to be on, I randomly found my way into a massage therapy class at a local community college.

That first day, I felt like I had found my calling (I also met my husband).

Massage combined my love of biology with my desire to help people-- it just clicked. As a driven, hard-working, midwestern girl, I graduated with a determination to be a ‘successful’ therapist. So I did what I was taught-- free sessions, massive discounts, working multiple jobs six or seven days a week- to build a booked solid practice.

And then I started to notice something…

Booked Solid & Burnt Out

I busted my butt, working nights, weekends, six or seven days a week. And then something else started to happen… My clients started to talk.

They would open up about the stresses in their life and I could clearly see the connection in their bodies. The tightness in their shoulders was directly connected to the stress in their life. Clenched jaws and words held back. Heals literally digging into the ground. I could see the BodyMind Connection in action and would spend 30+ minutes after each session telling them the importance of ‘listening to their body’ and practicing ‘self care’ (even though I struggled to follow my own advice).

I knew that if they just followed through on the amazing advice I was giving, everything would change. And then a few weeks later… They were back on my table with the same complaint.

I was booked solid, burnt out, and my clients were blocked. I knew there had to be a better way.

THE Coach Training Certification for Wellness Professional that includes NCBTMB Massage Therapy Continuing Education Credits Our ICF Certified Coaches teach and deliver Life Coaching and Train Life Coaches.

"When you ask better questions, better answers find you."

-Laura Wieck

How You Talk To Your Clients Matters

Around the same time, a friend introduced me to this thing called ‘coaching’. Now, this was back in the day when coaching was actually coaching- an empowering framework designed to help clarify goals, source inner solutions, and take action towards goals (not fancy membership sites, 5-step formulas, or scripts like you see online).

Something inside me *clicked* again.

I got curious. I hired my first coach in 2006 and took my first certification program in 2008. As I experienced the power of coaching in my own life, I started incorporating a coaching framework around my massage sessions. While traditional coaching focused mainly on mindset, I started to notice something even more powerful.

The coaching structure allowed me to guide the client back into themselves. From there, they made their own empowered choices that they actually followed through on between sessions! That is when BodyMind Coaching was born.

Breaking Through The Invisible Ceiling

Everything began to change. I stopped trying to ‘fix’ my clients and let them source their own wholeness. Instead of telling them ‘listen to their body’ they learned what it meant to be present and took ownership of their health and wellness. Not only did their results improve drastically, I also started charging for my time-- all of it.

I started creating ‘containers of support’ which allowed me to break free from trading time for money. Once again, I saw my clients step up and show up on a whole new level and use the BodyMind principles in their life!

For the longest time I thought breaking the invisible ceiling would mean pushing, hustling, and doing more. Coaching opened the door for more impact, income, and freedom in a way that was so light and easy. It’s why I am so passionate about sharing this work with you.

THE Coach Training Certification for Wellness Professional that includes NCBTMB Massage Therapy Continuing Education Credits Our ICF Certified Coaches teach and deliver Life Coaching and Train Life Coaches.

Full time job to 6 figure coaching business

I was spread thin and crazy busy in my booked solid Massage & Skincare private practice. I started working with Laura because I wanted to shift into the next BIG THING that not only supported my dreams of having a fully happy and free life, but that also allowed me to help my clients on a deeper level. I quickly realized that, until I did the deep inner work for myself, my pattern of overgiving would not change. Laura's program showed me how powerful receiving support from like-minded people is. Now I have a fully aligned business that allows me to show up in all of my brilliance and receive time and money for the simple act of being me.

Alina McGilloway

Founder of Core Momentum Coaching

Embodiment Is The Path

Over the years, the BodyMind Method© continued to evolve. What started on my massage table turned into virtual coaching which turned into group coaching which turned into workshops, retreats, online programs, and so much more.

In 2015, I launched the first round of The BodyMind Coaching Program to other wellness professionals.

We now have hundreds of coaches around the world living and sharing this powerful process with their families, clients, communities, and more.

If you want to learn more about becoming a BodyMind Method© coach and see what is possible for you, check out my free training where I answer frequently asked questions about coaching as well as share all the details about the BodyMind Coaching Certification Program and how to apply.



"Making money and making the world a better place are not mutually exclusive"

-Rachel Rodgers

Meet The Team

Our mission: To create a world where everyBODY has the tools, resources, and access to live a free and connected life. In order to do that, we, holistic and wellness professionals, need to change

how we support our clients.

Laura Wieck

Master Coach & CEO of BodyMind Coaching with Laura Wieck

Laura Wieck is the founder of The BodyMind Coaching Certification Program, a coach training created specifically by and for service-based professionals who are ready to improve client results and change how they are paid through incorporating a coaching structure in their business.

As a former massage therapist herself, she understands how an embodied coaching framework can help your clients listen to their bodies while giving you the tools to work smarter, not harder.

Laura is an ICF Member, PCC-Level Trained Coach as well as a wife, mother, and dancing queen.

Michelle Rockwood

Co-Founder of BodyMind Sales

In BodyMind Sales, Michelle fiercely and lovingly teaches clients the most joyful way to master the sales conversation so they can sell their coaching programs with love, ease, and grace. She loves her work and cares deeply for her clients, her family, and the world.

Michelle is a former yoga teacher with a background in non-profit development and sales. She has lived and worked all over the world and now resides in Denver, Colorado, and (of course) loves to ski. When Michelle isn’t working, she’s chasing her three wild boys or playing with her dog Tigo and new puppy Ruby.

Carly Clark Zimmer

Program Coordinator

Carly Clark Zimmer is the Program Coordinator and Business Coach for the BodyMind Coaching program. She’s also a licensed massage therapist and certified BodyMind Coach!

Carly loves making sure the program is running smoothly & helping our members find alignment in their business systems without compromising their embodiment.

When she’s not wearing her coaching hat or binging on the latest business and personal development podcasts, she’s practicing her sailing skills and hiking the hills of Ireland where she currently lives with her husband, Devin!

Laurie Juszkiewicz

Community Manager

Laurie brings her embodied energy to our BodyMind Community and leads our team of Associate Coaches.

Living in Upstate New York, Laurie enjoys everything connected to nature and has made the outdoors her zen den. A lifelong learner and avid workout enthusiast, Laurie also loves reading books, learning everything she can, traveling, and cooking healthy and delicious meals.

Melissa Grossman

Director of Operations

Working behind the scenes, Melissa manages the day-to-day operations of the BodyMind Coaching Program- with a smile.

A BodyMind Coaching Graduate, Melissa retired and sold her hands-on massage practice in 2020 so she could work virtually from anywhere… which right now is her home at the Jersey Shore where she lives in flip flops with her hubs, 3 kids and little dog.

Melanie Grimm

Certification Manager & Retreat Coordinator (also affectionately called the CBO- Chief Boundary Officer)

Melanie lives in Columbus, Ohio, and came to BodyMind Coaching through her 30+ year friendship with Laura. She loves getting to know BodyMind members online, and especially in-person at workshop!

Watching our BodyMind family grow in numbers and in their success and abundance – all through authenticity – is Melanie’s joy!

Shana Hartman

Managing Editor BodyMind Living Magazine/Embodied Writing Coach

Through her 20+ years of work mastering the power of reflection and intention, she discovered that we are our own experts regarding our body and mind if we just learn to listen.

Her favorite way to listen and get embodied is through writing! In her experience as an English professor turned BodyMind coach, Shana knows this listening (and writing) is easier said than done, and we aren’t meant to figure out this amazing life (or body) on our own. It takes practice, specific actions, and support. She loves to support our BodyMind Ambassadors in creating amazing content for BodyMind Living Magazine.


Team BodyMind Associate Coaches support our members in the day-to-day happenings of the BodyMind Coaching Certification Program. You’ll see their smiling faces on calls, in our communities and at BodyMind Live!

Alina McGilloway
Fidel Forde
Halinka Van Minnen
Helen Marie Caruthers
Jennifer Taylor

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